Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style

You've seen it, heard it, talked about it or maybe even sing it. This song is going viral throughout the internet. People all around the world are making their own parody of this catchy song with PSY signature dance move that mimics the body movement of a guy riding a horse or either known as "horseback riding". I don't need to explain about "Gangnam Style" as most people already know about this. What really interest me is Singapore and Malaysia are doing their own parody version of it too.


Singapore version came out earlier which was done by a rather active youtube guy named sweetestkind who does many other vlogs while the Malaysian version came out approximately 2 weeks which was done by Fly.fm
In my opinion, both videos was just okay. Lyrics and videography is rather weak. What was hilarious is that a WAR occurred when Kampung Style was released. I'm not sure who started the war but it seems to me Malaysians did it first. Why? Just look at the comments below. It is seriously obvious.

One Malaysian guy must have provoked him saying "Kampung Style" was better. However, sweetestkind answered back in a proper manner showing he have no interest arguing with a dumbass. 
I'm not going to side who is right or wrong. It's just a music video and some imbecile had to make it into a nation war. You can go to both links and read the comments below. I can tell you it is really childish but you'll notice one thing in particular.

Malaysians get so united when it comes to Singapore but when we are among ourselves, we hate one another. Hypocrites? You be the judge.

Here's a small sketch(entirely made up) just for easier understanding.

Indian guy bumps into Chinese guy.
Ah Beng: Hoi! U boleh nampak ah! Jalan jalan tak tahu tengok ah! I'm so white also cannot see ah??!
Muthusamy: Sorry lah boss. Tak sengaja. I need to hurry home before my wife scold...
Ah Beng: Puk****! Lan****! You want to give stupid excuse?
Ah Beng phone vibrates and reads notification update.

*Singapore just uploaded a video*

Ah Beng: Ci***! this sibeh agua wanna challenge us ah? 
*wraps his arms around Muthusamy's shoulder*
Ah Beng: we cannot lose to them! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

*Malaysia uploaded a video few weeks later*

What most Malaysians don't realise is that Singapore consist of mostly Malaysians. Most Malaysians would want to work at Singapore as the currency is much higher. You don't think there's not even a single Malaysian who lives there for generations? I know friends who works and plans to lives there. If I know about 2-3 friends planning to stay there, what about your friends? You do the maths :)
In the end, we are just fighting among ourselves. 

This is funny especially the last part :)

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